7301 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA

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Zoned C-8


Permitted Uses

1.      Accessory uses as permitted by Article 10.

2.      Automobile-oriented uses, limited by the provisions of Sect. 805.

3.      Business service and supply service establishments.

4.      Churches, chapels, temples, synagogues and other such places of worship.

5.      Contractor's offices and shops.

6.      Drive-in banks, limited by the provisions of Sec. 805.

7.      Eating establishments.

8.      Fast food restaurants, limited by the provisions of Sec. 805.

9.      Financial institutions.

10. Funeral homes.

11. Health clubs.

12. Hotels, motels.

13. Offices.

14. Personal service establishments.

15. Plant nurseries.

16. Private schools of general education, private schools of special education.

17. Public uses.

18. Quick-service food stores, limited by the provisions of Sec. 805.

19. Repair service establishments.

20. Retail sales establishments.


Lot Size Requirements

1.      Minimum Lot Area:                  40,000 sq. ft.

2.      Minimum Lot Width:                 200 feet


Bulk Regulations

1.      Maximum Building Height:      40 feet, subject t o increase as may be

2.      Minimum Yard Requirements:

    1. Front Yard:                 Controlled by a 45 degree angle of bulk plane, but not less than 40 feet
    2. Side Yard:                  No requirement
    3. Rear Yard:                  20 feet

3.  Maximum floor area ratio:        0.50


Open Space

   15% of the gross area shall be landscaped open space.


Comments:  The subject property appears to conform to C-* zoning requirements.



   The subject site is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Little River Turnpike and Ravensworth Road.  The subject site is irregular in configuration with 80 feet of frontage on Little River Turnpike and 277 feet on Ravensowrth Road.  Total site area is 28,324 square feet.  The site is level to slightly sloping in topography and is two tiered.

   The site is zoned C-8.  No study of the subsurface soil condition was undertaken, but barring any unforeseen problems of this nature, it is your broker's opinion that any type of construction, consistent with zoning, could be superimposed on the subject site.  The site is not located in a flood hazard area as indicated by the Federal Emergency management Agency.

   Utilities available are gas, electricity, water, sewer, and telephone.  Costs for these services are competitive with those of surrounding jurisdictions.  No adverse conditions are noted.



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