CL Zoning Uses
(Commercial Low Zone)



Office, Business
Office, Medical
Office, Professional
Personal Service Establishment
Pet Supplies, Grooming and Training (no overnight boarding)
Medical Laboratory
Dwelling, Accessory Apartments
Dwelling, Multi-Family
Dwelling, Single Family
Dwelling, Townhouse
Dwelling, Two Family (Semi-detached/Duplex)
Retail Shopping Establishment
School, Public
Seminary, Convent and Monastery

Special Use Permit Required:

Bus Shelter (Private Property)
Nursery School
Nursing or Convalescent Home or Hospice
Outdoor Food and Crafts Market
Parking or Storage, Motor Vehicle
Public Building
Fraternal or Private Club
Funeral Home
Home for the Elderly
Congregate Housing Facility
Day Care Center
Day Nursery
Rooming House
School, Private (Academic or Commercial)
Social Service Use

*Will not permit convenience store with liquor license



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